We are about to launch a green energy exchange platform.

And you can be part of it.

The world runs on dirty energy

The world runs on dirty energy. Changing this from top down is difficult and can take decades. We change it from bottom up: by making it possible for everyone to invest in green energy and contribute to its growth.

People are ready for green energy, but have no real choice

Buying green energy is often impossible. And where it’s possible, it’s difficult.

Producing green energy requires a high starting investment.

Imagine a world

Where green energy is a network where everyone can participate:

By producing it

By buying it

By investing in it

it works

WePower is a distributed green energy network based on blockchain and smart contract technology. The platform is connected to the energy grid and energy exchange markets.

WePower connects existing and new renewable energy producers with companies and people that either want to use clean energy, or invest into a 100% clean energy future.

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Why contribute now

It’s ready

WePower has secured the necessary partnerships and WePower platform soon should go live – try WePower demo.

It’s the future

Global green energy industry growth is forecasted at $19 trillion and 6 million jobs by Paris Accord.

It’s the right thing to do

Wouldn’t you want to contribute to growing green energy production, thus decreasing the amount of dirty fossil fuels the world is burning? It’s never been easier. With WePower token you will get free green energy, which you can consume or sell. Learn more.

We know the energy business

WePower team leverages experience from energy, law, blockchain, payments, security and emerging digital finance industries to design a platform that will change the way how everyone can earn money by producing smart and green energy.

Join the movement

Register for our fundraiser that will allow us to roll out WePower in its first target markets


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