Smart energy procurement

WePower enables smart flexible energy procurement in a form of Smart Energy Contracts. Each of these contracts represent the amount of energy that a power plant is planning to produce in the future and how that energy is distributed between energy buyers and investors. They can be used to offset energy bills, traded on the marketplace or sold into the energy wholesale market once the energy is produced. This is achieved by linking digital contracts with power grid data on blockchain.

Smart Energy Contracts

WePower's Smart Energy Contracts are digital power purchase agreements built on the Ethereum blockchain. These contracts represent the amount of energy that a powerplant is planning to produce in the future and how that energy is distributed between the investors. They carry a set of generation facility related parameters including but not limited to project, location, financial, technological and production details. Once created these contracts are immutable, self-setting and tradeable without geographic boundries. They standardise and simplify energy purchase and trade as well as reduce most of the risk related to standard energy delivery future contracts. Since power grid data is linked to contract and recorded on blockchain, full transparency is guaranteed.


Liquidity options

Flexibility and liquidity is at the core of WePower's offering to the renewable energy buyers, traders and investors. Our Smart Energy Contracts hold liquidity from day one in the following markets.
WePower marketplace
Direct trade
Energy wholesale market

Energy Auctions

Renewable energy on the WePower platform is sold via energy auctions. Every developer accepted on the WePower can auction up to 20% of their production output to a wide range of auction participants.

Every energy auction is announced in advance. WPR token holders have got priority access to these auctions for the first 48h. They can purchase the share of auctioned energy equal or less to the share of tokens they hold.

The auctions are capped at 20% of generators forecasted production output over 2-5 year period.

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